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“LAN Huahua” at NCPA, Beijing

A Scene from “LAN Huahua”
(Courtesy:NCPA, Beijing)

Eminent Chinese conductor LU Jia leads this opera based on a popular Chinese folk song at Beijing’s NCPA from December 20-25, 2018.

According to the website of NCPA Beijing, this opera depicts the legendary story of LAN Huahua, a rebellious girl living in feudal times, in a simple, vibrant, and sharp musical language. For the sake of love and freedom, the pretty girl does not hesitate to rebel against the feudal ethics at the cost of her own life.

Since it was sung for the first time in the 1930s, this folk song has become a favorite among generations and is today known in every household in China. “LAN Huahua” is the 14th opera commission of the NCPA. Work on it began in 2011 and it took six long years to be finally completed.

LAN Huahua, who lives in Lanjiahe Village, falls in love with Luotuozi, a young coachman who works in an out-of-town caravan. They often meet secretly in the fields, which upsets the villagers and they find the girl's behaviour despicable and call her a fallen woman. The villagers feel scandalized and want to settle the issue. They invite their revered squire ZHOU to deliver justice.

The squire orders Luotuozi to leave the village. However, by then LAN Huahua is pregnant with Luotuozi’s child. Her father gets so infuriated on hearing this that he feels like killing her. Squire ZHOU suggests that LAN Huahua marry Ganyang, his poor and silly shepherd. For the sake of the child in her womb, LAN Huahua agrees to the marriage regardless of the humiliation.

The news of the marriage causes a sensation in the entire village. The squire confides in LAN Huahua that he has been in love with her since long and can give her a better life. Shattered that she can find no way out but death, she only leaves a song named “LAN Huahua” to be sung by generations.

The music composer of the opera is ZHANG Qianyi, librettist is ZHAO Daming, and CHEN Xinyi is stage director.

The opera opens on December 20 and runs through December 25, 2018, at the Opera House, North Gate of NCPA, No. 2 West Chang’an Avenue, Xicheng District, Beijing

For details, visit http://en.chncpa.org

Click on the slidehsow for a sneak peek at the production.



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